Rock Kills Kid Cover Spoon

Our next installment of This Week In Covers comes from LA alt-rock band Rock Kills Kid, who tackle Spoon’s “I Turn My Camera On.” The cut comes from the latest edition of The OC Mix, which is a collection of covers by everyone from Pinback to Band Of Horses. RKK’s take on the Spoon tune isn’t as spiky as the original; in fact it’s downright slick.

Stream it here: QT | WMA

Whaddaya think? Shades of The Exies? Or shades of something cool we haven’t even thought of yet? Is Britt calling to congratulate — or to call ‘em out? You can hear clips from the rest of the Mix here.

And what the fuck is up with The OC? Is anyone still watching? Well, we are. But is anyone else pathetic enough? Last episode may have been a slight rebound, and Taylor’s character may be growing on us, but the best thing about the show these days is the music — and some of you may even debate that. (Did anyone else notice that they didn’t say Marissa’s name once while talking about her the whole time last week? Sorta cool.) But stacked against tonight’s super-sized The Office and 30 Rock? They’re up a creek.

The O.C. Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks is out 12/5.

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