Fanfarlo – “Fire Escape” Video And Dave Sitek Remix

When we brought you the “Harold T. Wilkins” video late last year, someone in the comments mentioned that they had previously released a low budget video for the song. Something sorta similar is going on with the video for “Fire Escape.” The band and director Jamie Thraves didn’t want to commit to either a bleak or a hopeful ending to the “Fire Escape” video, so they went with both. Thraves does know how to end a video though — he directed Radiohead’s “Just.” It’s also somewhat related to the science fiction theme they had in the “Wilkins” video, though with a Heaven’s Gate spin.

The song itself sounds like it can go either way, like “Harold T. Wilkins” it feels moody and hopeful at once (you’ll hear a little bit of the Smiths in there). Dave Sitek’s remix of “Fire Escape” puts in a broken beat and arpeggio synths that turns the track into a small machine.

Fanfarlo – “Fire Escape (Dave Sitek Remix)” (MP3)

Reservoir is out now via Atlantic. Sitek’s remix appears with “Fire Escape” remixes from Toro Y Moi and the Horrors on the Fire Escape EP, out digitally on 7/13.