Best Links Ever

Today Gothamist interviews my favorite Best Week Ever writer Caroline Waxler. She’s got a new book (read about it here). It may or may not be an unauthorized biography of Ron Jeremy.

In other Best Week Ever news, I invited Wil Wheaton to contribute to our blog. Today he’s got some interesting things to say about Tater Tots. Hopefully this will work out better than when I asked Patton to join. He wrote only one post, which was “How racist can I be on this blog?” Although I have to admit that’s the funniest thing that’s been posted so far.

A new Best Week Ever premieres at 11 tonight. I’m gonna be at the Fiery Furnaces show, but will Tivo it, as should you! Tonight our panelists will be talking about that brand spankin’ new book The Da Vinci Code.