Kings Of Convenience Do Fallon, Finally

When Kings Of Convenience made it to NYC so many years after Quiet Is The New Loud, their show at Bowery Ballroom grabbed headlines upon announcement, and even more upon Feist’s cameo. For some reason all sorts of theories and rumors circulated when Kings Of Convenience pulled out of their scheduled appearance on Fallon’s Late Night (and their attendant NYC gigs) a few months later, as if all was not well. Speaking in terms of certifiable facts, though, one definite item that came out of the Kings’ cancellation was the nationally televised coming out party that was Neon Indian’s being on-call (having recently moved to Brooklyn) to play the part of last minute pinch-hitter with a formidable “Terminally Chill”–>”Ephemeral Artery” 1-2 punch, to almost awkwardly effusive Fallon-, ?uesto-, and internet acclaim. A week shy of half-a-year later, the Whitest Boy Alive and another one of the whitest boys alive brought the hushed restraint of their intimate folk-jazz whisperings to 30 Rock, a far cry from Neon Indian but a special moment all its own if only because it was so long in the making. The song choice was Declaration Of Dependence’s “Me And You,” with a “web-exclusive” of “Mrs. Cold.” Since this is the web, that is here for you, too:

And here’s the web exclusive, “Mrs. Cold”: