Casting Couch: Miles Davis

Earlier this year, we celebrated Don Cheadle being tapped to play the Prince Of Darkness in a biopic tackling the jazz innovator’s legendary career and tumultuous personal life. But according to the New York Times article this weekend, that may have been premature. Not only have Cheadle’s people declined comment on playing Miles, but there are also competing projects racing to the screen to portray the man’s life.

First is a screenplay adapted from Miles And Me, by one of Davis’s close friends and protégés. Set to begin production next year and helmed by Rudy Langlais (The Hurricane), the film is meant to show the inner, tortured, personal Miles — the man beyond the music. Said author Quincy Troupe:

It’s about a friendship ? a hard-won friendship ? between two black men, both of them artists. Through that friendship, the film will explore Miles’s life.

The other film is the estate-authorized project for which Cheadle’s name has been dropped but not confirmed. And these aren’t the first Miles films to begin pre-production; in the late ’90s, Wesley Snipes was in talks to play our hero in a project that had secured the rights to the song catalog — and seemed to stall there.


Seriously, though: Cheadle vs. Snipes? No contest! But it seems like neither man is locked in, and there’s more than one slot to fill. So who tops your list to portray the heroin-addled, innovating genius?