To Helsinki With Love

We know this is a few months old, but we’re tragically behind on our Finnish viral video. (We’ll make good use of Thanksgiving weekend, promise!) If you’re as YouTube-delayed as us, you’ll love this clip of the Complaints Choir, assembled by artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen. True to appelation, they sing an original piece comprising the “pet-peeves and angst ridden pleas” of the people of Helsinki.

It’s not fair! Some stuff we can relate to, some is adorably un-American. And the choir’s last notes are sung before the city’s beautiful White Church. Who knew there was such beautiful architecture in Helsinki?

Segue! Speaking of our favorite Aussie sextet, YACHT (aka Jona Bechtolt of The Blow) has posted some awesome remixes of In Case We Die tunes, the first of which was released on the We Died They Remixed collection. No complaints! (Choir.)

Architecture In Helisinki – “Neverevereverdid” (YACHT Remix) (MP3)
Architecture In Helisinki – “Do The Whirlwind” (YACHT Remix) (MP3)

And a parting question for our Finnish readers: What’s up with all the sauna action?