New Field Music

We managed to catch the UK’s Field Music at Emo’s during this year’s South By Schmoozefest (opening for Voxtrot and Serena-Maneesh) and walked out impressed by the trio’s polished instrument-swapping, vocal rounds, and harmonies. That much of their riff-based, beat-displacing pop defied characterization was part of the charm. And from what we’ve heard of their forthcoming sophomore effort, they continue to impress: outgrowing easy Futureheads-comparisons, refining their Beach Boy-leanings and exploiting their contained, prog-pop tendencies. Really loving “Give It …”

Field Music – “Give It Lose It Take It” (MP3)
Field Music – “Sit Tight” (MP3)

Tones Of Town is out 1/22/07 in the UK, 2/20/07 in the States.

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