Owen Pallett – “Game Of Pricks” (Guided By Voices Cover) Live Video

One of the best songs from one of the best bands off one of the best albums. Former Fantasy Owen Pallett chose Alien Lanes’ “Game Of Pricks” for his contribution to a series the A.V. Club has going for 25 Tuesdays, getting 25 modern artists to cover 25 not-as-modern artists, because he “really like(s) the rhythm of the song, I was looking forward to slapping my violin around to try and get that sound.” Except for the violin part, that sounds mighty Pollard of him. And considering the series is sponsored by Budweiser, a Guided By Beer track is a particularly apropos hat tip to all drunk drivers, new and old. But that’s about it on the similarity front. Owen complains about drunk jocks at the outset, and this arrangement is like audio-wave jock-repellent: Hearing Guided By Voices guided by violins, the attendant arpeggios and the like — it’s damn near polite, less Guided By Beer, more Guided By Bordeaux, and all the more interesting for it.

Every Tuesday for the next while (and for the past few weeks) the A.V. Club releases another video of some contemporary artist covering a more classic one, with the classic one previously identified and the contemporary one shrouded in mystery. In two weeks it’s the Replacements’ “I Will Dare,” which means I will be checking their site very early in the morning in two weeks.