From Playing The Race Card To Sponsoring A Race Car

Kanye’s letcha know what he thinks about the President, he let MTV Europe know that his video was best (i.e. Pam Anderson + canyon-jumping = best), and now he’s moving in on the auto-racing circuit.

Kanye’s sponsoring a car in the Formula BMW World Finals in Valencia Spain, held the weekend of 11/24. He won’t be driving the car (he’s leaving that to 17-year-old Philip Major of Ottawa, Ontario), but he’s stamping it with the logo of his charity (guess the name!) and the United Nations World Food Program.

Take that, Jay-Z! That’s one way to use your year off. Another would be to avoid controversial quotes like this one he gave to Essence this month (via):

If it wasn’t for race mixing there’d be no video girls. Me and most of our friends like mutts a lot. Yeah, in the hood we call ‘em mutts!

To their face? Between the stage crashing, the Formula racing, and the loose slang, do you vote for an extended retirement? Or is this all just part of the Westian charm?

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