Twisted Sister Video – “Eleanor Rigby”

Everyone loved Stereogum’s Run For Covers™ Bonanza last week so much that we figured we’d do one more! Now, Dee Snider is an interesting cat, and we don’t dispute his band’s place in the annals of hair metal history — but this is bad. Truly awesomely bad. One thing “Eleanor Rigby” never needed was guitar by the dude from Twisted Sister. And yet here you have it: “Eleanor Rigby” from Twisted Sister axe-man Eddie Ojeda’s solo record, featuring Dee on lead vox.

Sorry for doing that to ya. But don’t worry, this one doesn’t appear on that Twisted Siser Xmas album we told ya about (which is still streaming here). That one’s actually fun! This one’s actually horrible. Which of course makes it awesome.