HEALTH – “USA Boys” Video

This is exactly the sort of video you want to see for a track as stupidly sexy as “USA Boys,” the one original contribution to HEALTH’s format-defyingly excellent Get Color remix album DISCO2. It’s a logical inclusion for a tracklist of mainly dance-inspired takes on noisy songs that tend to lean that way anyway; this time, though, HEALTH took the dance straight on with one of their sweatiest, best tracks yet — and the clip fits: nubile young hipsters popping pills, trashing a post-industrial art loft, looking very good in clothing we wouldn’t look good in. Gonna give this one a NSFW because of how the couple has sex at the end of it. “USA Boys,” MDMA girls.

Take pills to this:


Disco2 is out  6/22 via Lovepump United. Fellow Lovepumpers Clipd Beaks’ “Death+” didn’t make the cut (thanks, raptor jesus), but Javelin’s take on “In Heat” did, as did this Tobacco remix of “Die Slow”:

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