Lollapalooza Schedule 2010

Might wanna clone yourself during the headliner hours. From the first announce Lollapalooza set itself apart with an unusually robust slate of headliners, and since Lolla’s one of the few fests concurrently running two headliners a night, it set itself apart for maximum FOMO potential. The schedule’s now in; so is the headache. Friday night you can either watch the Strokes’ first U.S. show in four years (8:30PM) or see how what Lady Gaga can do with a $150,000 stage show (8PM). (Yes, there’s 30 minutes there, but Grant Park takes a year to traverse.) Sunday night it’s the return of Arcade Fire (8:30PM) or the big Soundgarden reunion (8PM).  Saturday might be the easiest — Green Day (7:45) or a Cut Copy/Phoenix double-up. Remember Chicago has that 10PM sound curfew, so when these sets end … the night is just beginning. Here’s the full schedule in case you wanna play spot the conflict with the rest of the days:


Lollapalooza Schedule 2010 - Friday


Lollapalooza Schedule 2010 - Saturday


Lollapalooza Schedule 2010 - Sunday

Here’s the link.

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