The Strokes First Gig In Forever Tomorrow In London?

Looking likely. Apparently the Strokes posted up that photo to their Twitter in a since-deleted twat, and now the London venue Dingwalls is listing a band by that name playing tomorrow night, Wednesday June 9th at 20:00. Tickets go on sale at 9PM GMT (which is about an hour from now) “at this website only” for 10 quid (transportation costs for our readers may vary). A reasonable investment, whether it be the actual Strokes (their first show as a band since 2006) or actually a band called Venison (probably their first show ever). (It is the Strokes obvs.) So look out for the shitty YouTubes Thursday morning, or just wait until Lollapalooza where they go head-to-head with Gagapalooza. (via NME)

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