Twin Sister Do “Lady Daydream” And “Eastern Green” On A Big Ugly Yellow Couch

The last time I saw Twin Sister, it was DJing their album-release show at Glasslands, when a stage sound outage helped us uncover a deeply shared love for Fleetwood Mac. It was sorta revelatory for their ability to turn a technical difficulty into an intimate moment, something the band seems to do repeatedly and effortlessly, be it via EP or via Bushwick rooftop. This time it’s via big ugly yellow couch, delivering a pair of songs for the rising web-video series that’s brought us sessions with BRAHMS, Acrylics, and North Highlands, always on that titular couch, and always with surprisingly effective results (I’m told it’s something to do with the acoustics of the apartment’s uniquely angled corners, and of course the charm of ugly living room furniture). Here it’s a whisper-close take on the Color Your Life reverie “Lady Daydream,” and the unreleased though often performed new track “Eastern Green” given couch comfort, both lovely distractions for a listless afternoon:

Portable versions:

Twin Sister – “Eastern Green (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)”

Twin Sister – “Lady Daydream (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)”

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