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Band To Watch: Inlets

Y’all know we heart My Brightest Diamond, so we were naturally drawn to the story of Inlets. Just as Shara has managed to transcend her position in Soof’s backing band and make a name for herself as Miss Diamond, Sebastian Krueger is perfectly poised to do the same — only its Shara’s band from which he’s coming. All in the family.

Sebastian is, of course, a singer/multi-instrumentalist (bass clarinets, guitars, piano, melodica, banjo, bass), performing most of the music on his gentle, engaging EP Vestibule by his lonesome, although joined by friends on trombone, viola, and drums as the need arises. And the music is right up your alley if you’re a fan of Soof, Beirut, or Andrew Bird. Think the weariness of a bedroom troubadour, a folkie with mild classical tendencies and a voice of the same timbre as Zach Condon — but without the rolling vibrato. It’s really great stuff, and though it goes beyond any single song, we’re proud to premiere this track from Inlets’ forthcoming EP:

Inlets – “Threads” (MP3)

And best of all: Sebastian’s making the debut EP available for free at luvsound! It’ll be available early AM tomorrow; for now, here’s another awesome cut:

Inlets – “Pictures Of Trees” (MP3)

To tide yourself over ’til tomorrow, hear more at MySpace. We think you’ll enjoy.