New Metallica Video – “All Nightmare Long”

When Death Magnetic started leaking, “All Nightmare Long” provided us with a helpful pun about the general quality of Metallica’s newest effort. Another song ripe for meta commentary’s “The Day That Never Comes,” because a number of these Death tracks are pretty fucking endless. Case in point: “All Nightmare Long.” It’s accompanying video is a faux scientific/militaristic communist documentary about the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Russia. This gigantic (to put it lightly) explosion did happen, but Metallica weave in a tale about spores emerging from the ash that allow for the “revival of organisms,” e.g. you inject a dead cat and then watch kitty Lazarus wake up (or, less dramatically, you can heal someone’s wound). “The spore is the key to the struggle of our revolution.” It’s an interesting angle on a historical moment — one that already has people hypothesizing about UFO’s, comets, antimatter, and black holes — but it ends up being about as interesting as watching those magic spores grow into mushrooms. Actually, the filming, animation (zombies! robots!), and later special effects are well done. You get to see a steak do the worm. And the last shots are genuinely creepy. It’s not the video’s fault at all, really — it’s the song that blows.

Death Magnetic is out via Warner Bros.

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