For The Worst Use Of Hacking Skills, We Nominate

Imagine you had super cyber-infiltration powers, allowing you access to any database, opening the door to unlimited corporate and political information. Now imagine you used all of those skills — and jeopardized your freedom — to access the cell phone information of one Chester Bennington, lead singer of rap-metal sensation Linkin Park. We would be disappointed in you, too.

Devon Townsend allegedly used the computer at Sandia National Laboratories, a company that develops national security support technology and Townsend’s former employer, to get all up in the Linkin Parker’s Verizon. (We’re intentionally avoiding referring to Bennington as a Grammy winner, ’cause that just makes us sad inside). (via AP):

According to an affidavit filed by the
Department of Defense Inspector General, Devon Townsend, 27, obtained copies of Bennington’s cell phone bill, the phone numbers he called and digital pictures taken with the phone.

“This is the Internet version of a groupie hiding in
Mick Jagger’s dressing room,” Twohig said. “We’re in a different age, and fans have more skills than they used to.”

The affidavit says that during a search of Townsend’s home in Albuquerque, investigators found Linkin Park posters, autographed band memorabilia, pictures of Townsend with Chester Bennington, bootlegged Linkin Park music and copies of messages and photographs intercepted from the Bennington family’s e-mail accounts.

Creepy for all the wrong reasons. Now just imagine those skills put to good use. Like tracking down those hard-to-find album leaks! (We keed, RIAA!)

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