Blessure Grave – “Stranger In The House” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

San Diego death-rockers Blessure Grave have impressed me for awhile with their dead-on sing-along hooks. I’m a sucker for goth dramatics, but more important than the scowl or Death In June, Sex Gang Children, Warsaw, and Christian Death references, Toby Grave writes great songs that go places not every guy with an army of black shirts can take you. In November I posted the duo’s “Stranger In The House” — mentioning it was a demo from an album they hadn’t finished recording — and made passing reference to the Adam Grabarnick-directed video for an older track, “Open Or Shut.” Today we have a straightforward, shadowy, and somehow easily compelling Adam Grabarnick-directed clip for this early version of “Stranger In The House” as well as the details for a single of the same name.

Mope around L.A. with a friend:

Blessure Grave – “Stranger In The House”

The “Stranger In The House” single is out this month via Mishka. It’s the imprint’s first release. If you’re unfamiliar, Mishka’s a Brooklyn-born clothing company. In that spirit, each release will come with a 7″/t-shirt “combo pack.” As they explain:

For the Stranger in the House release 100 records were pressed on pink vinyl and will be packaged with a T-shirt featuring the cover art. There will also be a general release of 200 7-inches on plain black vinyl without the T-shirt. Each of these releases will feature a cover song as it’s B-side, that will be curated by Mishka. For this release Blessure Grave covered Sleep’s stoner metal classic “Dragonaut”.

Blessure Grave + Sleep = awesome. I haven’t heard their take on “Dragonaut” yet, but I have heard the Deathface remix of Side A. It’s part of the Stranger In The House Remixed EP available for folks who pre-order the single at Insound. Or, for you:

Blessure Grave – “Stranger In The House (Deathface Remix)”

The single’s cover:

“Stranger In The House” will be re-recorded for the next full length. More info on that somewhere down the road.