Joanna Newsom Rebuts Your Claim

When we showed you guys the cover to Joanna Newsom’s Ys, some of y’all debated the image’s quality and authenticity. Well we all know the cover was for reals, but what about your thoughts about the artwork’s beauty? Venus zine sat with Joanna and aired your sentiments to the songstress in a piece set to appear in this Friday’s issue:

Some have found artist Benjamin Vierling’s painting cheesy. In a representative comment by one Stereogum poster calling himself Pierro [sic] Della Francesca, “The picture looks like it was done by the guy who paints the unicorns on Trapper Keeper covers attempting to mimic the style of Botticelli’s portrait of Simonetta Vespucci.” Newsom bristles at this sort of criticism. “I’m used to people making fun of me,” she said, “but it bums me out that anyone would ignore the fact that he’s a really good painter.”

And the article’s awesome opening line:

Joanna is sick of being photographed in the woods.

But why?! We love it!

Well like it or not, there it is: Commenters really are heard at! And sometimes they piss off Joanna Newsom.