Praveen & Benoit – “At A Loss”

When Brooklynite (and Percussion Lab owner) Praveen Sharma and Portlander Thomas Meluch (aka Kranky’s Benoît Pioulard) join forces they’re Praveen & Benoit. Praveen creates the arrangements, Benoît’s the vocal harmonies. The duo spent more than two years putting together the lovely Songs Spun Simla, but have only ever met a handful of time in person — hence the cut and paste band photo. In this week’s drop, though, we have a non-album track, “At A Loss,” which Praveen told us “wasn’t fully fleshed out in time to make it onto the album.” Now it is. Take a listen and read his thoughts on the track.

Are the voices at the beginning something that actually happened during the recording? What’s the story?
My recording setup wasn’t working and I was trying to get it to work before I forgot the guitar line I had just come up with. The recording is of the exact moment it suddenly sprung back into action and I realized I had to get the guitar lines down that moment before they faded from memory. The other voice is a friend who was waiting for me to finish and who was trying to get his cat out of my room.

What’s the meaning behind the title?
The title describes my mind state at the time. I was at a loss at how to understand the conflict between two people’s content which I was experiencing during a previous relationship.


Songs Spun Simla is out via Music Related. This song isn’t on it.