Chris Martin Covers The Killers, The Band & Dylan

We have to hand it to Coldplay Chris. Not only does he take a constant beating from people like, well, everybody, but he weathers the barrage like a pro. And it seems like every time he steps into the limelight these days it’s for something worth talking about, be it being an ass on Extras, joining the face of NASCAR, or, as last night, covering artists we’ve totally heard of.

By NME’s word, Mr. Paltrow turned up to surprise the crowd at London’s Union Chapel, there for the Little Noise Sessions, a gig thrown by Mencap (a charity for the learning disabled).

He opened with a version of The Band’s ‘I Shall Be Released’, which he joked was written by Gareth Gates.

He commented : “You shouldn’t cover songs in an acoustic fashion in front of Lily Allen fans!”

Martin then played an acoustic version of The Killers ‘When You Were Young’ and said afterwards : “What a great band The Killers are.”

Playing a new Coldplay song ‘Bucket For A Crown’ on the piano, Martin said that he had written it the night before.

“If it’s shit,” he said “We’ll give it to The Killers and if it’s good, we’ll keep it.”

The track, which sounded like ‘The Scientist’, saw Martin adding a line in about Oasis.

“I want to listen to the session by Noel Gallagher,” he sang, in reference to Sunday’s (November 26) session by the Oasis songwriter.

Martin finished his short set with a version of Bob Dylan’s ‘Buckets Of Rain’, which he dedicated to Lily Allen. He said : “This is for Lily Allen. She’s gorgeous, she’s sweet. And if I wasn’t married…”

We’ll let ya look at some YouTube when it pops up, but in the meantime we found this.

So much better than Chewbacca trying to reassemble C-3PO, right?