Pete Wentz Meets Robert Smith

Pete Wentz Meets Robert Smith

EW recently set up an interview between Petey and “his idol” Robert, which understandably reads like an extended ass-kiss from Wentz to Smith (that’s how we’d do it, too). But even if you don’t buy the premise, the bit’s not bad; Pete’s an able journalist, if only ’cause he got Robert to talk about that Mecha Streisand South Park clip:

WENTZ: I was watching South Park maybe a year or two ago, and I remember thinking, That might actually be Robert Smith’s voice! But I wasn’t sure. I thought it was amazing, because these are two things that I really love, but I remember thinking, This is an arena that I would never see Robert Smith in. That was you, right?

SMITH: Yeah. It’s weird because I had only seen a couple of the early South Parks. [Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone] sent me a couple of episodes on video and I pissed myself laughing. I stayed up all night and went into this radio station and recorded my words down a phone line. I had no idea what it was all about. I had one of them on the other end of the line directing me, saying, ”Please sound more like Robert Smith. Come on!” About six months later I saw it and I was completely thrown by what they had done with it. It was great. When I’m walking off and Stan’s saying, ”Disintegration is the best album ever,” it’s one of my greatest moments in life.

Cue in at 5:15 to see Robert save the world.

Watch him talk about the appearance here. Better still, P. Wentz gets Robert going about Wild Mood Swings and “Mint Car,” our vote for most underrated Cure tune.

WENTZ: You’ve had giant pop hits and these cult favorites. Did it bother you at times when certain songs would be gigantic?

SMITH: We had such an awful long time to get well known. [When] it happened, though, I found it very uncomfortable. For a long time, I didn’t like certain songs because I thought, ”You’re to blame, you bastard. You made me popular.”

WENTZ: Like ”Friday I’m in Love”?

SMITH: Yes, that’s a perfect example. We did an album in ’96 [Wild Mood Swings] and we had a song on there called ”Mint Car” ? it was the single, and I thought it was a better song than ”Friday.” But it did absolutely nothing because we weren’t the band at that time. The zeitgeist wasn’t right. It taught me that sometimes there’s a tipping point, and if you’re the band, you’re the band, even if you don’t want to be, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

What’s your vote for underappreciated Cure song? Either way, Pete should fuck Fall Out Boy and just kiss rock star ass all day! He’s almost tolerable this way.

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