Cat/fish Raising

No matter how big your WTF file, make room for one more. Thinking about making a gift of a little kitty this holiday season? Whom better to ask for advice than Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson? Wait, don’t answer that; just go the band’s website for pointers on The Litter Box, Diet, Neutering, and Pet Insurance (via Matablog). Here’s a sample:

But, still being a little on the young side to venture forth without its brothers or sisters, your kitten will need extra attention to help settle down in its new kittenenvironment. She/he will be best kept in one room for a few days but will be adventurous enough to soon visit other parts of the house under supervision. Existing pets should be gradually introduced to their new pal (stroke, praise and re-assure both equally) but they should not be left alone together until you are absolutely sure of their reliable behaviour to each other.


Okay, sure, you can answer: From whom would you rather get kitty care advice? We’ll accept Chan and Yusuf as valid responses, but really, there’s no beating the Tull on this one.

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