Behind The Scenes: Grizzly Bear’s “Knife” Video

Not sure what direction we’d go visually were we to direct the nostalgic, doo-wop style of Yellow House fave “Knife” — but it sure as shit wouldn’t approach the left-field awesomeness that the Grizzly guys have gone for the song’s forthcoming clip. We’re talking Death Valley, living landscapes, and the love beneath it all. Here’s a recent production update:

So, we?ve built everything and animated everything, which means we have to glue it together. We just spent a solid nocturnal week in the Santa Cruz Mountains hidden away from distracting humans in order to finish all the animation and we are very pleased as we hope you all will be. Below, you will see what the guys look like when they are taken out of New York and put in Death Valley. Also pictured is a snippet of the machine which they will be operating and some tendrils that creep out of the Geologist?s chest during the healing ceremony. There?s also a rock that turns angry and two shots involving the merging of the stone woman with the environment. The next update will be a completed video. Yay!

The definition of suffering for your art has gotta include being buried, in costume, in the desert sun. The hot hot pics:

The clip is being directed by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch of Encyclopedia Pictura; head there for more pics of the green screens, latex, and creepy prosthetics involved in the shoot. Based on the images and the notes, “Knife” is the last Yellow House tune we’d imagine they were shooting! Call it “creative interpretation.” All the more reason we can’t wait for the vid.

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