Amy Miles – “Hey Baby” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Without knowing Amy Miles’s varied background, you probably wouldn’t understand why a song as sweet and coo-filled as “Hey Baby” would get a video full of banana-dick jokes. But Miles first came to my attention through her work with various members of The State/Stella — she did soundtrack work for The Baxter and The Ten, was musical director for the Upright Citizens Brigade show Sound Tracks Live, and she’s currently doing musical work for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. So you know she has a sense of humor. Miles says “Hey Baby” appears on her “break-up record,” but she never comes off as self-pitying — though she does sound a little coy and a little crazy once “Hey Baby” gets to its dizzying layered chorus at the end. If you dig Juliana Hatfield, you’ll find lots to like here. This video was directed by Matt Ballard, and features David Wain and a former Playgirl centerfold. It’s a perfect day for banana dicks:

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