Tom Waits Jokes With Jon Stewart, Dave Letterman

Another reason to love Jon Stewart: He’s (almost) visibly nervous to chat with Tom Waits! The iconic troubadour did the NYC talk show circuit this week, hitting Letterman on Monday and stopping by the Daily Show yesterday afternoon. Tom’s appearance wasn’t all talk, though. Here’s his performance of Real Gone’s “Day After Tomorrow,” with the deep-burning smoke of his vox accompanied by double bass, some electric finger-picking, and the Stewart studio’s reverence.

Jon & Tom Q&A after the jump! Stewart’s a life-long fan and was taken by “how unbeaten by life” Tom is, saying, “I used to listen to your music and think, ‘Boy, I’d love to lie in the street nearly dead with that guy.'”

And at Jon’s thought that the Iraqi conflict could be solved with “Tom Waits, a 2×4 guitar, and a little bit of nice music,” Tom’s reply: “It’s probably something that simple.” Respect.

As part of the talk show sweep, Tom sat with Letterman and flexed some more anecdotal wit, talking about the humiliating dilemma faced by all turkey vultures. Watch the interview here, and then take a look at Tom (and his kid, Casey) do the new tune “Lie To Me” here. It’s the best procrastinating you’ll do all day.