Casting Couch: Buckingham & Nicks (And Win Signed Under The Skin Swag)

It will come as no shock to you that we fell for Lindsey’s latest record, so we’re psyched to give you guys a chance at winning a prize we’re dying to keep for ourselves! But, our memorabilia greed is second only to our love for YOU, so here it goes: We’re giving away a Lindsay-signed CD and poster set to TWO lucky entrants! We don’t normally bother with signed CD giveaways, but for LB, we make exceptions.

And it looks like a different Lindsay is trying to be associated with Ms. Nicks. Whether there’s a film in the works or not, Lindsay’s letting it be know that she wants to go for the Acadamy Award gold as Stevie. But really, Lohan as Nicks? Aside from the septum damage, we don’t think that’s a fit. And Leto as Buckingham? We feel ill.


If Firecrotch is serious about winning that role, she might wanna start learning those lyrics sometime soon.

So, back to the giveaway: Give us a better casting choice for Mr. Buckingham (Stevie, too) in the comments and we’ll pick two winners at random on Wed 12/13 at 6 PM EST. Bonus points for a Mick Fleetwood suggestion! Also, congratulations to Jonathan (our Beck/Glow Ghost winner), Nathan (taking home Andy Partridge’s Fuzzy Warbles boxed set), and Dave (dude, you won the #999 Aluminium vinyl — check your email!). We know it’s the holidays and all, but guys — no re-gifting! That’s just rude.