Billy Corgan & Linda Perry Join Courtney Love

Speaking of Fleetwood Mac, “Rhiannon” was one of the tunes C. Love played when she appeared at the Gay & Lesbian Centre benefit in LA’s Henry Fonda Theatre this May. Footage of the gig has finally surfaced, where Courtney also unveiled new tunes like “Sunset Marquis” and “Pacific Coast Highway.” They’re up on YouTube in two parts; check ‘em out here and here. (via RS)

Maybe we’ll hear these when she takes over BBC 6 for a day next month, but you don’t need to wait ’til then to load ‘em up to your iPod; hit Moon Washed Rose for isolated audio MP3s of the performance.

Is it just us or is “Pacific Coast Highway” actually sorta … good? Maybe that’s just the Perry/Corgan-buzz talking.