Conan Plays Third Man Nashville, Records Live Vinyl

When this video popped up on YouTube, it was hard to tell what Jack White and Conan O’Brien had in mind (a show, a video, a Ustream chat, etc.). According to 24Bit, the pair were really working on a live record, with O’Brien backed by his Legally Prohibited band and White. They did a bunch of covers, including “Creep” and “On The Road Again.” The whole set was recorded to reel and will be released on vinyl. The weirdness of going from host of The Tonight Show to playing a show for 300 people that’s being recorded on reel-to reel-wasn’t lost on him. In the video below, which shows White introducing O’Brien to the audience, O’Brien says, “I’m going back in time. Next week I’ll be playing Vaudeville and then I’m going to be a steamboat captain.” Maybe! But he’ll stop by Bonnaroo first.

We’ll add more video when we find it.