New Serena-Maneesh – “Sapphire Eyes” (Skikkelig Remix)

Here’s a holiday gift from the always thoughtful Serena-Maneesh, who wrote us a lovely Xmas letter from Norway, the “polar bear fjords kingdom.” Maneesh-mastermind Emil commissioned a remix of their self-titled debut’s standout “Sapphire Eyes” from British producer Brendan Lynch (Primal Scream, Paul Weller), and in typical-perfectionist fashion, the Serena songwriter “tweaked and destroyed” it, gave it his approval, and passed it along

The remix highlights the band’s strange-pop melodicism in a way that may have been obscured for some folks because of the original’s mystical, storm-raising guitar drones; here we hear more emphasis on the eerie-then-lovely vocal lines, with restrained but effective flourishes of Serena’s distorted black magic. It’s unmastered, but it’s fucking awesome, showing the band is much more than just another “nü-gaze” act. And clocking in at just three minutes (as opposed to the original’s seven), it may be the best way to introduce yourself to the band’s work. We also got to hear an in-the-works Maneesh/Medicine remix which is gonna slay fans of the LA noise poppers. But for now, feast on this remix.

Serena-Maneesh – “Sapphire Eyes” (Skikkelig Remix) (MP3)

Season’s greetings. Enjoy.