David Byrne’s #1 Indie Rock Record Of ’06

Never shy to share his musical tastes with the world (and a sucker for Brazilian artists), David recently profiled , the latest release from 64-year-old Caetano Veloso, on the Nonesuch blog.

It?s another radical shift of direction for him- every recent record has been different than the one before- this time I guess you could say it?s an immersion in the land of experimental indie rock. And it?s probably the best indie rock record to come out this year. He may disagree with that categorization, but though not completely accurate it gives some idea what the record sounds like. Distortion pedals, drum kit drums rather than typical Brazilian percussion, live in the studio performance rather than tracks built up on a computer. He had help from his sons- I think they produced the record and played on it and brought in their friends to play on it. Sort of a tribute that anyone?s sons would even want to be involved in their dad?s work- and that a dad would place his creative output in the hands of his kids. Imagine the possible Freudian mess, but it doesn?t sound like dad micromanaged the record, but rather it sounds like a real meeting of generations and sensibilities- his melodies and vocal approach married to their guitar pedals and funky drumming.

Because it’s Byrne, and because he said “best indie rock record to come out this year,” we know you wanna listen.

Caetano Veloso – “Outro” (MP3)

Not surprisingly, Caetano was a player in Byrne’s beloved Tropicalia movement, as documented in Veloso’s book Tropical Truth: A Story Of Music And Revolution In Brazil. In another life, Bryne would have been a Mutante. But whaddaya think? Did David find the next Arcade Fire?