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Band To Watch: The Asteroid #4

One of the albums getting steady spins around Stereogum HQ these days is The Asteroid #4’s fourth release An Amazing Dream. The Philadelphia-based rockers have covered vast stylistic terrain over the course of their records, but this one refines the psychadelic space-rock formula to great results; Dream shows that, over a decade in, they’re just getting started. Songs like “Shoot Out The Stars” mix spare and tuneful country-folk with underwater-bunker guitars, while “Here We Go” is a big ol’ dose of Brian Jonestown psych-bombast, with the requisite curling guitar bends and dousing of reverb. We’re also in love with the half-time swagger-and-yearn of record-closer “Belong.” Here’s the premiere of another great album cut:

The Asteroid #4 – “Outside” (MP3)

The band is letting you have a few more, so if you dig, get busy downloading!

The Asteroid #4 – “Here We Go” (MP3)
The Asteroid #4 – “Ask Me About Pittsburgh” (MP3)

An Amazing Dream is out 1/2/07 on Rainbow Quartz Records.