M.I.A. – “XXXO (Remix Feat. Jay-Z)” & Hear /\/\/\Y/\ Snippets

Earlier in the week it was Sali’s “Toldya.” Yesterday we got “Steppin Up.” Today’s M.I.A. update is a remix of /\/\/\Y/\’s first single “XXOO.” It’s officially official. For his short verse Jay-Z makes like “Swagger Like Us“/”Boyz,” rapping nimbly over M.I.A.’s backdrop. He references metrosexuals because 2002 was a good year for Jay.

(Via 2dopeboyz)

/\/\/\Y/\ proper is out 7/13. UPDATE: You can hear snippets of the entire album at 7digital (via P4K). The “XXOO” single is out 7/12. As you’ll note from the below, it features a number of versions.

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