Pollard Poll

Yesterday, Billboard reported that perpetual work-horse Robert Pollard is taking an indefinite hiatus from touring so that he can, yup, release more songs! He explained:

This is not to say I’ll never play another show again, but this touring thing is too much. It’s too hard to psychologically re-energize yourself each night. With Guided By Voices, it didn’t matter what day it was. What I’m doing now, in my opinion, is not only the same thing, I think it’s a step up, even. But you get tired of beating your head against the wall.

But fans of Pollard the prolific have nothing to worry about in ’07 (take a deep breath before you go on): Robert’s releasing Silverfish Trivia (on Merge); a double-disc (with collaborator Todd Tobias) as Circus Devils, called Sgt. Disco; a record as Takeovers (with GBV bassist Chris Slusarenko) entitled Bad Football; a 50-track retrospective on the concluding Fading Captain Series, entitled Crickets; a vinyl-only, second-volume of “Pollard’s drunken on-stage ramblings” called Meet The King: A**hole 2; and a third volume of pre-GBV stuff called The Great Houdini Wasn’t So Great.

You feel lazy. Here, this can make you feel productive: head here for a ton of live and rare GBV MP3s. Now you won’t feel so bad.

So with so fucking much to chose from already — and before there’s anymore — we’re wondering: What’s your favorite Pollard tune? Being hopelessly devoted to Bee Thousand, we’re going with “Gold Star For Robot Boy.” We think Julian Casablancs would vote “Smothered In Hugs.”