Watch David Byrne’s TEDTalk

If you’ve never checked out a TEDTalk then David Byrne’s 2010 presentation is a fine place to start (another place is Paste’s list of the best TEDTalks of all time). In these short lectures, musicians, artists, writers, and inventors share what they’re working on, fascinated with, passionate about, etc. Here Byrne talks about sound and buildings, something he explored in his Playing The Building installation two years ago. But his explanation is more detailed:

My own talk (it wasn’t a musical performance) was based on the idea that the acoustic properties of the clubs, theaters and concert halls where our music might get performed determines to a large extent the kind of music we write. We semi unconsciously create music that will be appropriate to the places in which it will most likely be heard. Put that way it sounds obvious…but most people are surprised that creativity might be steered and molded by such mundane forces.

As the commenters point out, Byrne is pretty caffeinated but as we’ve often pointed out, the guy comes up with and executes about 300 projects a year. His nonstop excitement is probably what takes his projects to completion: Albums, bike racks, whatever.

Now that you’ve watched that, go watch this TEDTalk, which is about development of the UI in Minority Report. The future=today.

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