New Au Revoir Simone

Brooklyn’s keyboard-loving, dreamy twee trio Au Revoir Simone have posted two great new tunes to their Myspace page, “Sad Song” and the lovely “Fallen Snow.” Both will appear on the band’s forthcoming sophomore release The Bird Of Music, due out in Europe 2/14/07 (no word on American dates yet). They’re still in love with their Casios, with Erika’s ever-endearing voice riding the tunes’ throw-back pop, shaped by the eighth-note chord hits and melodies’ simple sway.

If you’re downtown and around in NYC tonight, get yourself over to Bowery Ballroom for Au Revoir’s set, opening for Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. If not tonight, catch ‘em at Other Music on 12/4. If not then, well, they’re off to Japan for a spell. Best to buck up and get out. It’s gonna be like 75º tonight, anyway. That’s what we like to call A Convenient Truth.