Giant Drag Break Up?

Reader Chris e-mails us:

You might be interested to know Giant Drag broke up. At least, Micah left the band and now Annie seems to be kind of doing it on her own. I don?t think anyone is talking about this. It?s kind of a big deal if you ask me. Just thought you?d want to know.

Just like Ron Burgundy, it is kind of a big deal! We keep fond thoughts of the duo, thanks in no small part to their gorgeous cover of “God Only Knows” that surfaced last year. This wouldn’t be the first time the two have parted ways; they temporarily split between the Lemona EP and their full-length debut Hearts And Unicorns. Although Giant Drag have no shows lined up, their MySpace bears this listing next to Band Members:

annie and whoever else feels like doing it.

Sorta suggests Annie’s looking for some company, no? Ahh, she’ll be fine; simultaneous-drum-and-synth players practically grow on trees.

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