Bossa N’ Roses

We’ve all got that special someone in our life for whom Axl is everything; ya know, that loved one that enjoys antagonizing GN’R openers and hopes beyond hope that Chinese Democracy comes out before the new year. It’s for that person that we bring you the premiere of two tracks from Bossa N’ Roses, a collection of electro-bossa covers of GN’R classics; it’s a must for your favorite Rose fiend. Either she’ll love it (in which case you’ll look great), or she’ll think it’s absurd and you guys will share a great laugh. Or, she’ll throw a trash can through your window. Test the waters with these two tracks:

Scubba – “Welcome To The Jungle” (808 Remix) (MP3)
Freedom Dub – Paradise City” (Vibes Edition) (MP3)

Here’s the full tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Sixth Finger (feat. Dew) – “Patience” (Cool Wave Mix)
03. Bando Do Sul (feat. Natascha) – “Sweet Child O? Mine”
04. Scubba – “Paradise City” (Vibes Edition)
05. Gheto Blaster Ltd. – “November Rain” (B&H Version)
06. Glambeats Corp. – “You Could Be Mine”
07. United Rhythms Of Brazil – “Knockin? on Heaven?s Door”
08. Amazonics – “Since I Don?t Have You” (Single Edit)
09. São Vicente (feat. Ituana) – “Don?t Cry”
10. Freedom Dub – “Welcome to The Jungle” (808 Remix)
11. Natalie Renoir & DJ Leao – “It?s So Easy”
12. Groove Da Praia – “Used To Love Her”
13. Anekka – “Live and Let Die” (Rua Do Cosmos Mix)
14. Outro

Play Santa at iTunes. Better or worse than Buena Vista Social Coldplay?