Gummy Awards

The 2006 Gummy Awards: Vote & Win

Welcome to the 17th Annual Gummys. Once again Stereogum invites you to collectively determine the best albums of the year. This time we’re calling the thing The Gummy Awards instead of last year’s less-fun-to-say Readers Poll. Your top 2005 album picks were pretty tight, though, so we expect another display of good taste. We’ve included holdover categories Indie Rock Hottie Male and Female, and some new ones (who better than Stereogum readers to judge the year’s Most Overblogged Band?) On 12/15 at 6 PM EST we’ll close the poll, tally the results, and pick a random entrant who’ll receive the top 25 CDs as determined by Stereogum readers. Then we’ll argue about the results well into 2007.

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