New Polytechnic Video – “Man Overboard”

The first time we bumped into Manchester’s Polytechnic, we couldn’t get over just how much Clap Your Hands Say Yeah came through in the band’s sound. It wasn’t only the nasal, Alec affectations; it was in the use of bass as melody mover, the simple, snare and closed-hat indie beats … shit, the whole thing, really. Hit the band’s MySpace and listen to “Running Out Of Ideas,” a tellingly Freudian title; there’s 0% originality in that thing, sounding like “Details Of The War,” before settling into the jumpy terrain of “Let The Cool Goddess.”

But they’ve opened for The Strokes, they’ve done Lamacq, and now Polytechnic presents us with this awesomely animated clip for “Man Overboard,” a single which pulls back from those Yeah Saying tendencies (as much as possible, anyway) with dark and dreamy, waltzing piano and more dramatic sweep than the lo-fi deriva-pop of “Running.” The video is oddly fascinating — just as we’re fascinated with why we feel so empathetically for the suited, sparrow-head dude. Must be Monday.