New Film School & Demetri Martin – “Electric Brain”

We’ve strategically timed this post for now, at your lowest ebb post-lunch on Monday … when you need the chuckles most. Does anybody NOT love Demetri Martin? If so, we don’t know ‘em. We adore — and when we ran into him around the corner from the +/- show this weekend (post tk), we were too shy to say “hi!” That’s how pathetic we are.

Since you’re also a Martin fan and in need of laughs, check out the comedian’s latest project, found at, a site with six webisodes (“it’s an episode with the ‘p’ turned upside down, but not an ‘ebisode,’ because that would be like, a tide-based story or something — and then we added a ‘w’ so you know it’s on the ‘net”) starring Martin. Head there for a peek at the films, for artwork, and for some music downloads.

But really, it’s worth the trip just for the animated Demetri digressions you’re fed on arrival. It’s 10+ minutes, so if you’re interrupted, you can choose between digressions using the “Thoughts” menu. The Clearification project also features contributions from San Fran indie rockers Film School, who are joined by Martin on this track featured in Webisode #3.

Film School (feat Demetri Martin) – “Electric Brain” (MP3)

Martin also has a great album out called These Are Jokes. If you’re interested in checking it out, click this, click hole.