Born Ruffians Cover Grizzly Bear

This year was a great one for Grizzly, and you sorta know shit’s going well when you start getting the cover treatment. And so it goes for the Bear, as XL/Warp Records’ Born Ruffians taking the doo-wapalicious “Knife” out for a spin during their performance at KEXP yesterday morning. The Ruffians work up the tune with some loose-and-clean electric guit jangle, retaining the nostalgic vibe and occasionally ramping it up, dishevelled indie rock style. Grab it at iGIF.

If you dig the direction, here’s some original Ruffians for your iPod:

Born Ruffians – “Mr. Agnostic” (MP3)

Let that “Knife” tide you Grizzly kids over ’til that crazy-looking vid drops. And if Yellow House is your love (or your hate, for that matter), let it be known with your Gummys ballot! Voting is both a right and a privilege. Make it matter.