Holidays With The Takkas

“Everyday’s no holiday,” sings a warm and obviously reflective Gabe — over gentle guitars in country-campfire cadence — and we imagine Takka Takka gathered around a cozy living room in Brooklyn with a handful of sweatered friends, sipping eggnog, smiling and nodding … white Christmas lights, a fire, happy-sad faces. That’s probably ’cause we come from broken homes where such a scene would never be possible, but that is the vibe on this track from Holidays With The Takkas, which is our favorite song from the group, aside from “We Feel Safer At Night” (hear that here).

Takka Takka – “Stars And Subway Cars” (MP3)

The Takkas are releasing an EP with some new tunes entitled Talk Faster in January, but you don’t have to wait ’til then to feel safer at night with them; catch the Takkas at Bowery Ballroom with Nicole Atkins and Matt Costa this Saturday 12/9. And they’re Brooklyn’s little secret no more! Takka’s full-length debut We Feel Safer At Night is out nationally 3/20/07. And the guys recently swung by WOXY; you can hear new tune “Ratio Song” and others by clicking here (MP3).

Also: Looking for that last minute holiday gift for your drum-playing cousin? How about making Conrad an offer on the gorgeous set of 1966 Gretsch drums, previously owned and toured by CYHSY’s Sean Greenhalgh? Available at Takka blog Good Is Wood. The ultimate stocking stuffer.


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