Mikey Way, Recovering Bootlegger

Mikey Way, Recovering Bootlegger

We know how tough it can be to scare up the funding for concert tix when you’re just a lost suburban soul (been there), but we’ve gotta hand it to My Chemical Romance Mike for developing a scheme far more creative than we ever could! (via RS):

RS: What names on My Chem’s guest lists have freaked you out?
GERARD WAY: Billy Corgan. He didn’t make the show, but that freaked me out — I want to be good for a guy like that. I’ve listened to Siamese Dream more than any other record. It got me through getting dumped in my first relationship. One night I was really depressed and I went to the Little League field by my parents’ house and I just laid in the dugout listening to it and fell asleep. When the Pumpkins toured on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Mikey took me to their show at Madison Square Garden.

RS: Your kid brother took you?
GERARD WAY: Yeah! I was really into them, but I was more of a hermit. Mikey was such a devout Pumpkins fan that he followed them up and down the East Coast. He had tickets to every gig.

RS: How could he afford to do that?
GERARD WAY: [Laughs] I don’t think I should say this, but Mikey was bootlegging Disney movies that were only out, like, in the Philippines — like Song of the South and The Black Cauldron — which he’d fucking sell on eBay. A private investigator came to our house, and he got nabbed. But they didn’t throw him in jail. He was fifteen!

Which is awesome, ’cause now we feel a little less guilty knowing our illicit Disney DVD purchases those years back went to sending Mike and Gerard to see the Pumpkins. You’re welcome, MCR!

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