Flaming Lips & Oklahoma City Philharmonic Cover Yo La Tengo’s “Sugarcube”

Down at Bonnaroo this past weekend, the Lips played the hotly contested midnight hour on Saturday night against the Black Keys and Daryl Hall & Chromeo. We chose to visit Hall’s House because I’ve seen just about enough of Wayne’s ball (and balls) for awhile, although the band sought to make it interesting by affixing their cover-to-cover cover of Dark Side Of The Moon to the opening hour of Lips hits. (Friends emphasized the “sought,” as apparently it wasn’t all that interesting.) Coyne’s crew upped their appeal the next night, though, with a cover of YLT’s college radio classic “Sugarcube” with Oklahoma’s state orchestra, for the 78th Annual Meeting Of U.S. Mayors, this year convening in their home town. The Lips’ Steven Drozd conducted, Michael Ivins did not wear a hammer and sickle shirt. Pretty neat/democratic.

(via P4K)