+/- {Plus/Minus} @ Knitting Factory, NYC 12/1/06

We managed to get down to the Knit last Friday to catch up with +/-, the Brooklyn band behind Let’s Build A Fire, one of our favorite releases in these past few months. The tricky time shifting, heart-on-a-sleeve pop lent itself well to the Knit’s close quarters. The material took on a new shape when performed live, still polished but without that studio sheen. “Steal The Blueprints” and “One Day You’ll Be There” killed, sitting their math pop elements alongside their nice-guy melodies, working wonders on the packed, hometown crowd.

But when a band says, “So we’re gonna film a video, hope you don’t mind; ’cause you’re gonna be in it!,” it brings the fourteen-year-old girl outta ya. And so they did, bringing out cameras during a killer “Fadeout,” for each member to film himself (and the band) while playing (to the extent possible) — passing it around to others, and finally off to cameraman friends. Turns out it’s part of a multi-city video shoot, that may also be tucked into a tour documentary. Here’s what +/-‘s Chris told us after the show:

The idea I came up with was to shoot the video ourselves every day on tour through the US, Japan, and Taiwan. Trying to use the same basic shots, but taking advantage of the myriad of different backdrops. Since the song builds over a long time we are afforded the opportunity to shoot it ourselves, until the end. Then we get our friend Gabe (also shooting a documentary on tour with us, so he’s there every day) and one lucky person for the audience. Usually a friend, but not always. While on tour with Irving, Brian Canning shot most of those shots.

Can’t wait to see it! If you haven’t been pulled into the land of positives and negatives, grab these tracks. More at FreeIndie.

+/- {Plus/Minus} – “Leap Year” (MP3)
+/- {Plus/Minus} – “Steal The Blueprints” (MP3)

Chicago’s The Changes opened the show, and while we can’t confess to walking out converts, they did have a few songs that grabbed us, like “On A String.” Here’s another, “When I Wake,” a soft-and-cuddly dose of indie pop to perk you up on a rainy afternoon.

The Changes – “When I Wake” (MP3)

Also, looks like {Plus/Minus} are playing a NYE show at Knitting Factory with Mates Of State (tix). Maybe you should go? Sure to be better than Times Square.