Korallreven – “The Truest Faith (Ghostape Remix)” & Other Goodness

It’s a good thing the excellence of the Tough Alliance and Eric Berglund’s forthcoming ceo stuffs has only whet your appetite for blissy Balearic tropical vibes via Sweden (right? right.), because here’s Korallreven, signed to Acéphale with two blogged about singles and a new remix EP due this summer featuring touch-ups and transmutatations on those low blood pressure beachfront shimmers by CFCF, Sail A Whale, LOL Boys, Cosimo, and this here drumset deepdive on “The Truest Faith” by Switzerland’s Ghostape. Along with hosting that track, this post is your Korallreven clearinghouse, collecting the various singles and redos you’ll want for your summerjam DJ sets.

Korallreven – “The Truest Faith (Ghostape Remix)”

Here’s a new video for the original, directed by Sebastian Rosenberg:

Portable version:

Korallreven – “The Truest Faith”

Here’s another from the Korallreven front, “Loved-Up”:

And the Nhessingtons “Loved-Up” remix to go:

Korallreven – “Loved-Up (Nhessingtons Remix)”

Korallreven’s remix EP, featuring “Loved-Up” and “The Truest Faith” and its attendant redos, is due 7/6 via Acéphale.