Scissor Sisters Acting Debut

We’ve heard the theories about why Scissor Sisters don’t enjoy the same success here as they do across the pond. But nothing pushes units like turning up on daytime TV. Oh, sister. Babydaddy and the gang are gonna make an appearance on the NBC soap Passions on 2/8/07. From the press release:

In this two-episode arc, young witch Endora (Nicole Cox), a big fan of Scissor Sisters, conjures them up in Tabitha?s (Juliet Mills) living room. The band, extremely disoriented, plays their first song and then suddenly disappears into thin air, leaving Endora wanting more. After Endora is put to bed, she decides she wants an encore. This time she makes them appear at the hottest club in Harmony, The Blue Note, where she is dressed as a Scissor Sister groupie. Realizing they are no longer at their concert, the band is once again confused, but decide to keep on playing for the excited crowd.

Have fun explaining that TiVO choice to your roomie! After the jump, the story arc … in pics!

This oughta make Americans think they’re “cool.”