New Wilco MP3s

Here’s a treat to tide you over while you anxiously await the next Wilco record, due out next spring. Head to Jesse Jarnow’s Frank And Earthy Blog, where Jesse has lovingly aggregated live MP3s of the unreleased material Tweedy and Co. have been performing over the “past year or so.” Here’s a list of the songs Jesse’s culled:

01. “Let’s Not Get Carried Away” (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
02. “Side With the Seeds” (25 November, Auditorium Theatre)
03. “What Light” (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
04. “Shake It Off” (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
05. “Impossible Germany” (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
06. “On and On and On” (22 September 2005, Cain’s Ballroom)
07. “Lullaby For Rafter and Beams” (Tweedy solo, 27 October, Foellinger Auditorium)
08. “Patient With Me” (Tweedy solo, 27 October, Foellinger Auditorium)
09. “Walken” (24 November, Auditorium Theatre)
10. “Let’s Fight” (16 July, Pines Theater)
11. “The Thanks I Get?” (Tweedy solo, 27 October, Foellinger Auditorium)
12. “Maybe The Sun Will Shine”

Could be tour only material, could be next-album fodder. Either way, it’ll sate that Tweedy hunger (for now). We love “Patient With Me” and “The Thanks I Get,” which y’all will remember from the live-DVD Sunken Treasure: Live from the Pacific Northwest clip we posted a few months back. And since Wilco is a bootleg-friendly band, go ahead and grab ‘em — all the fun, none of the guilt.

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