New Peter, Bjorn & John Video – “Lay It Down”

PB&J are set to move past the largely instrumental Seaside Rock with their fifth album, the official real-deal followup to Writer’s Block. In order to get you excited about it, the Swedes put together a strange West Side Story-sorta video. It opens with a ha-ha snippet of “Young Folks” in a basement dance party; the lyrics get a tad less twee when the emotions start to swell. If you’re not allowed to blast songs at work with “shut the fuck up” repeated in the lyrics, plug in the headphones for this one. They don’t mention the actual title, so we’ll call it “Hey (Shut The Fuck Up Boy)” until we’re told told otherwise. (UPDATE: it’s called “Lay It Down,” and the vid is directed by Sandra Froberg.) Keep your eyes peeled for the Rickroll.

Didn’t catch Rick? In the beginning, in the DJ’s crate, you might’ve spotted this. Once we get a date and name for the new record, we’ll pass it along.

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